Kingdom Resident Barney Barney Cull

Character Info Edit

Role Harbormaster
Home Island The Capital
Interest Nature

Barney Cull is a middle-aged man living in King Roland's kingdom on Capital Island in a house by the harbor. Barney competed in the Wandolier competition, to purposely take 2nd in order to win the second place prize - a toaster oven to make pizza bagels! On the island, he accidentally let the harbor gate close and you are to put the proper gears in place in order to open up the gate for access to the harbor. Since he is giving you his ship, he needs a place to live so you have to build a house for him called "Barney's Area". In addition, he wishes to be able to see all the fish in the kingdom so he has a task for you to show him the twenty-four different types of fish all throughout out the kingdom. His additional tasks are to redecorate his house as well as perk up the harbor gate with some nature know that he is in charge of the gate too. Barney's final task is for you to prove that you are worthy of knowing the ultimate knot's secret, which is love. Also, there seems to be some sort of relationship with Elmira. For example, after the interior of his house is decorated with the basics, he slips out that "she'll" love this, but he automatically corrects this as "they'll", trying to cover up what he just said, clearly not wanting others to know about his sweetheart.


Harbormaster Barney Cull, caretaker for the Royal Boat, is the surly seafaring type, but he has a soft spot for the finer points of domestic bliss.


During Mana Hunt!

Hmm. Anyone who wants to win FIRST place should look around this area. ...But just between you and me, <player name>, I'm gunning for that toaster oven!

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