Agent BarneyBarney Cull

Character Info Edit

Role Junkyard customer, Client, Ex-sailor
Location Industrial District

Barney Cull purchased a run-down boat from Gabby at the junkyard in the Industrial District in the City. You come across Barney and Gabby arguing about the boat. Apparently, the boat is missing a bunch of parts and Barney is demanding for compensation and the other parts for the boat, saying that it's broken. Gabby claims that it was perfectly fine and that someone must have stolen the parts. Barney also offers a dispatch mission, asking for some agents to be apart of his crew to go on an exploration adventure in the ocean, based on an old map he found. At the end of the voyage, Barney discovers the island of Thule and will find out what the island natives put on their pizza bagels!

Dispatch Missions

The Longest Voyage

Description- An old map I found in my attic has led me to undertake a magnificent journey of discovery. Entirely new lands and creatures may be discovered. Perhaps I'll find a land where pizza bagels are served upside-down. There's just one problem -- I need a crew!

Difficulty- 2/5

Duration- 6/12

Skills- Nature/Athletic

Rewards- A new object for the HQ!

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