AnniePartyPortal Annie Radd
Annie Radd Party

Character Info Edit

Role Rockstar/Lead Singer
Minigame Hosting Make the Band!
Festival? N/A
Area Sunshine Beach

Annie Radd hosts the minigame, Make the Band. She needs help selecting a guitarist for her concert, so she holds a contest to see who could be her best guitarist. Whenever the spotlight hits your sim, you must shake your Wii remote and play the guitar.


During Minigame Dialogue

  • Hey! Why don't you join my band? Here's a guitar. When the spotlight's on you, all you gotta do is ROCK!
  • Wooo! That was an awesome concert! ROCK ON! Let's see how our audience scored your performance.

Dialogue about her Minigame

  • Just relax and follow the commands. Of course, if you mess up, the crowd will riot and you'll lose some points.
  • The guys that run the lights are pretty uptight. If you mess up your performance, they'll lower your time in the spotlight!
  • It takes a lot of "Stamina" to play guitar. I wanna rock the world, so please don't mess up, 'K?

Miscellaneous Dialogue

  • Maybe I should grow out my hair. Longer hair's great for head banging, but it might get in the way when I sing...
  • Hey, [player name]! Why don't you take a break from your walk and have a KILLER air guitar session with me? Rock on!


Power 2
Speed 2
Stamina 4
Luck 1

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