Annie-Template Annie Radd
Annie Radd

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 4
Role Rockstar
Residence Name Annie's House

Annie Radd is a rock star. She is often seen playing an air guitar or doing head bangs. She also has a guitar-themed karaoke machine, and becoming her best friend will allow you to obtain a blueprint of it. Annie loves to hang at DJ Candy's night club, and tends to say the word "Rockin'" a lot. She wears a green shirt with a pant skirt, has pink eye shadow, blush, and mascara, light blue eyes, a star tattoo on her left cheek, a jogger's wristband, and has long, curly red hair.


Hello, [town name]! Annie Radd is here... to... ROCK!!! So tune up your air guitars and get ready!




Hotel Introduction

  • Yo, what's goin' on, [town name]? I'm Annie Radd! Are you READY…TO…RAWK???

Accept Move-In

  • Sure thing! I'd love to add [town name] to my World Tour!

After You Build House

  • Wow! My own private place? Where I can crash between shows? Wicked…

Request For More Stuff

  • Yo, [player name], we need to fill this place wall-to-wall with Fun stuff. It'll, like, foster my creative nature, right?

Star Level 4

  • Did you hear about the new game Axe Mavens? You rock out and get the pointxxors! Rockkk!
  • Although rock music is, by its nature, the greatest art form ever created, I do appreciate a stirring symphony or the subtle inspiration of a delightful sonata every now and then. ...Wait, what did I just say? Alright, time to get back to RAWKIN' THE WORLD!

Star Level 5

  • Have you met Odin Revolution? He’s a cool guy, but I think he has his Norse Mythology a bit mixed up.

Best Friend

  • [player name], you are a RAWK STAR! You can have front row tickets to my shows whenever you want!

Best Friend Reward

  • Karaoke Machine - Guitar blueprint

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