Annie Radd is a rock n' roll kind of girl who loves music and singing. She first comes to your town with hopes of becoming a rock star, and when she moves to the town that hosts festivals, it is shown that her dream has come true and she performs at concerts. She will also live in Speedville but not race. Later, she sends a dispatch mission into the SPA and will offer to join the agency.

Trivia Edit

  • Annie's last name, Radd, is a pun of the word "radical", meaning cool.
  • It is somewhat ironic for her to be a Smarts sim because in MySims, she hates Studious, the very interest smarts is based after.
  • If you send Annie on Makoto's dispatch mission, she reveals to you that she never had gone to high school.
  • When you send Annie on the One More Time dispatch mission, she will reveal that her fear is funky acoustics.
  • Annie has written several songs, some of which being All the Animals, Kittens Got Claws and Drowning (Without Your Love).
  • She appears to be a fan of Leaf seeing as how she will reference him if he is sent on her dispatch mission.
  • In MySims, Annie makes a remark that Odin Revolution has his Mythology mixed up, this probably shows a little intelligence in her and could've also made her a Smarts sim in MySims Agents.
  • In MySims Racing, Annie cameos after the Ultimate Cup and the introduction at the start of the game.
  • Annie may be a reference to the film Annie, as both Annie's have curly red afros and love music.

Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Annie Radd
  • French: Mélodie Apason
  • Spanish: Anita Trastes
  • German: Angie Ratte
  • Japanese:アニー・ラッド

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