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Animal Cow
Home Island Cowboy Junction

Annabelle is one of Roxie Road's cows living on Cowboy Junction. She just roams the pasture and grazes with Clarabelle and Tuffy all day, but may wander off if there is no fence. One of Roxie's tasks is to build a pen for Annabelle and the other cows, she gives you a scroll (which lets you unlock a Western Fence and a Western Archway) to do so. When you are told to find the three cows, Annabelle is walking around by the trees in between Roxie's house and the pen you are asked to build. Sometimes when you're at Cowboy Juntion, and you're changing your clothes, the cows will go free causing you to go after them again. Annabelle may be found hanging around the pen, Roxie's house, Ginny's Jail House, by the fishing spot near Gino's House and his potato garden, at Gino's House, or near the trees near Gino's House and his garden. It depends on how long you wait to put all three of the cows back in the pen. Also, when you go to Roxie's Pasture, and you want to see the cows, the game gives you a choice of either petting the cows, or feeding them grass.

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