Bobaboo, a triceratops living on The Uncharted Isle.

Animals can occasionally be seen wandering around in the MySims series. They serve no major purpose, other than bringing ambience to a particular location. However in MySims Agents, they were more involved in gameplay as they helped solves cases, such as Wolfah on the snowy mountains.

They make their first appearance in the forest in the DS version of MySims under the care of Foster, the forest ranger. He allows you to make food and feed the many deer and animals roaming the forest.

Animals make their debut for the Wii in MySims Kingdom. This includes pigs, bunnies, raccoons, dogs, cats, bears, cubs, frogs, unicorns, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, and a triceratops named Bobaboo. In the Forest of the Elves and at Renee's Nature Preserve, you can find many animals living and roaming about. In the DS version of MySims Kingdom, Tim will ask you to take a couple of pictures of animals you find wandering around town so he can bring them to the zoo to take care of.

A monkey named Mitch appears in MySims Party.

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  • In MySims Kingdom, the animals on all the islands will put on a snorkel mask when they go into water, such as the ocean or pond.

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