AmyPortal Amy

Character Info Edit

Role Gondola receptionist

Amy is a girl who helps run the gondola in at your town. Amy runs the gondola summit in the mountains. She is shy, in contrast to her sister Emily, who also helps run the gondola, and is very bubbly. She loves watching the stars, and asks you to help find constellations with her telescope in the minigame Stargaze.

Profile Edit

Name: Amy

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Gondola receptionist

Description: She's very shy and has difficulty talking to people. She is most comfortable when looking up into the night sky.

Character Events Edit

Star Gazing! Edit

Amy likes to look at stars.

Watch them with her!

Star StoryEdit

Go to Amy and listen to her story about stars!

Continue Star StoryEdit

Go to Amy and listen to her story about stars!

Deliver Vegtable SetEdit

Amy is going to make stew for Emily. Deliver two Vegetable Sets

Star DeliveryEdit

Amy is going to tell a romantic story about the stars.

What kind of story does she have in store for us?

Amy's GiftEdit

You got a nice gift from Amy.

The stars shine brightly!


  • Amy and her sister Emily appear as a figurine together (as a Siamese) in the Wii version of MySims Kingdom.

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