Amelia-Template Amelia

Character Info Edit

Townie or Commercial? Townie Sim
Star Level Star Level 4
Role Resident
Residence Name Amelia's House

Amelia is a studious young woman who will come once you have reached a middle point in your town rating. She is quite a bookworm seeing as she is often home alone, reading. She has brown hair in a braid down her back, has dark skin, and wears semi-circular black-rimmed glasses. She also wears a chocolate brown school-girl outfit and carries around a dark brown messenger bag.


What’s better than a good book? A great book! Amelia enjoys both, but if you ask, she’ll fib and say otherwise.



Dialogue Edit

Hotel Introduction Edit

  • Greetings. I'm Amelia. Have you read any decent books lately? I know I have!

Accept Move-In Edit

  • Well, if there are enough books here, then I'm game. I do hope you'll make me a house that has a nice reading corner.

After You Build House Edit

  • It is very interesting to be in this town—intellectually, I mean. There seem to be many things that I can learn.

Request For More Stuff Edit

  • As much as I enjoy my home, I wish there were books lining the walls. I wish there were books lining the books lining the walls, even!

Star Level 4 Edit

  • People always say that computers are going to replace books. That's ridiculous! Computers don't smell so fresh and woodlike.
  • I enjoy a good mystery now and then, but I prefer non-fiction, as I feel it gives me the best outlook on the world around me while keeping be grounded and centered.
  • Why would you say books have a spine? They have no neck, no torso. It's most curious!
  • Books should have numbered pages. That's just a fact. If they didn't have numbered pages, how would you know where you were in the grand scheme of things?

Star Level 5 Edit

  • Please heed my advice! Keep books away from open flames. I learned the hard way. It was most upsetting…
  • The world makes readers and the world makes writers. Alas, I am only a reader. If only I could be a writer, spreading joy through books the way books spread joy through me.
  • What fonts do you like best? Serifs or sans-serifs? I'm particularly fond of serifs. I feel they increase readability while giving a distinguished air to anything in the written form.

Best Friend Edit

  • Fantastic! You've really turned my home into a place worthy of my studies. You have my gratitude.

Best Friend Reward Edit

  • Bookshelf - Art Deco blueprint


Foreign NameEdit

  • English: Amelia
  • Spanish: Amelia
  • Japanese: Ameria

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