Kingdom Resident Alexa Alexa Lexington

Character Info Edit

Role Dr. F's Lab Assistant
Home Island Rocket Reef
Interest Tech

Alexa Lexington is Dr. F's assistant. Together they conduct experiments, work on their research and fix their rocketship on Rocket Reef. She actually seems to be smarter, maturer and more realistic whereas Dr. F is somewhat loony and literally a mad scientist. However, when you talk to her while she is near outside the lab at noon after the story of Rocket Reef, she states that she envies Dr. F's free-style approach to science, and that she doesn't feel like a mad scientist with all the reason and thought. This purple-haired genius lives in a laboratory on the island with Dr. F. During the day she can be found working away on her experiments in the lab or at the computers by the rocket ship typing away.


Although, technically Alexa is Dr. F's assistant, she is actually the brains of the operation. If it wasn't for her, Dr. F couldn't even get his lab coat straight, let alone construct a rocket at launch! At least that's what she thinks...

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