Agent Alexa Alexa Lexington

Character Info Edit

Role Dr. F's Assistant, Client
Location Industrial District

Alexa Lexington takes the role of Dr. F's assistant. She works in Dr. F's lab in the Industrial District of the City. She is seen researching and keeping Dr. F in place. When DJ Candy complains of hearing a faint vibration that is throwing off her beat, she requests help to find out what that noise is (and to stop it). Alexa is able to help by having you put sensors on various trash cans located throughout the neighborhood. Then she needs Zack's skills to help identify the sound and where it's coming from--and he says it's underground. Alexa offers a dispatch mission where she needs the help of SPA agents to find Dr. F's peanut butter helicopter that crashed in the ocean. She then wants your agents to go into Dr.F's mind and figure out his real name. Alexa then reports that Dr. F's name really is "Robots".

Dispatch Missions

Equipment Recovery

Description- I know you'll never believe this, but Dr. F's peanut butter helicopter "experiment" had a bit of a mishap -- over the ocean. I need a deep-sea recovery team to salvage as much as possible.

Difficulty- 2/5

Duration- 4/12

Skills- Athletic/Smarts

Rewards- New outfits and a new dispatch mission!

What's the F?

Description- I think it's time. We need to find out what the letter "F" stands for in "Dr. F"! He says it stands for "robots", but we all know that's ridiculous. Let's get to the bottom of this, once and for all.

Difficulty- 3/5

Duration- 3/12

Skills- Charisma/Smarts

Rewards- New objects and a paint for the HQ!

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